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Gentleman Outlaw

Thickening Roots and Reinforcing Foundations

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Corrie Ten Boom Story

Corrie Ten Boom made a significant impact on my life when I was very young. This is part of her story that I wanted to share.

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Who is Gentleman Outlaw?

Who are the guys at Gentleman Outlaw and why do they smoke and drink and talk about Bibical subjects?

Is that an inconsistancy?

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Exploring the Bible - with You!

We’re interested in trying something new – with you! We would like to walk through the pages of the Bible, exploring and growing – together, with you.

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RVL Discipleship

RVL – Ray Vander Laan talks about discipleship as Jesus and his disciples would have understood it.
Take this time to learn what it really means to be a disciple or to go and make disciples.

Constitution Alive

Be a part of the solution, do your civic duty, & be the catalyst for restoring Biblical & Constitutional Principles in your community.

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You Shall Surely Die

What does it mean in Genesis when God said, “…The day that you eat of it you shall surely die.”
Did they die?
Did they only die spiritually?
Did they just begin to die that day?

In this video we dig into the beautiful truth of this amazing story.

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A discussion about what Righteousness really is. We’re taught to love God, love one another, bear one another’s burdens and make disciples. The words of Jesus are clear about feeding the hungry, giving drink to the thirsty, clothing the naked, etc.
How are we doing?

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Is the Bible the actual Word of God?

People often hold up their black leather Bible and call it the Word of God. Is that accurate? Or are they replacing Jesus with the Bible. This is a serious concern. Take some time to listen, I think you’ll reconsider WHO the Word of God is.

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The Pagiel story is a God story that you won’t soon forget.  This is a life changing story about God’s powerful plan of redemption for every person.

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Calling the Church to Arms

What does that mean?  No, we’re not talking about violence.  But it’s time to take action as Godly Christians.  Can you be both?

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Tithing, what is it and why?

What is Tithing? Do we have to give to the church?

If you would like a more in-depth video where I really dive in on this subject or any other please like and/or comment and I will create one and bring it to you.

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Religion, Politics and everything else

Ryan and Dave bantering a variety of topics. Grab a cup of coffee or pop a cold brew and join with us.

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George MacDonald Sermons

Our God is a Consuming Fire

A discussion of the incredibly challenging sermon by George MacDonald titled, “Our God is a Consuming Fire”

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Health & Weight Loss

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