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Gentleman Outlaw Farm

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Tikvah. Life

Dave Rush, the author of the Simon Series and the Pagiel book.  This is a collection of these books and access to related websites.


Tikvah Marketing is a desktop publishing, web designing, freelance writing, and whatever comes across my desk kind of company.

Pagiel. Life

It was a chilly and rainy October night in northern Georgia. Close to midnight Pagiel slipped out his trailer house bedroom window so the squeak of the front door wouldn’t be heard. He retrieved the .38 revolver that was hidden in the glovebox of the car. The old rundown barn would be far enough to muffle the sound and provide a dark and solitary place to end his life.

Dave-Amy. Com

Many have suggested that we should write a book.  The story hasn’t been written, and the last chapters are yet to be lived, but it has been an amazing journey…