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What is Tithing? Do we have to give to the church?

This is a hotly debated subject. If you have a dog in the fight, this subject can be offensive. But, if you attend an institutional “church” you might wonder if you really need to put 10% of your income in that offering plate every Sunday morning.

And when Jesus had collected the tithes from the people, he gave thanks and called his disciples unto himself. Having counted it he then broke it into five portions. The first three portions he took and gave them to Himself, Paul, Peter, and their personal assistants as compensation for their hard work. The fourth portion he then put toward bills and improvements on their building of meeting.

Taking the final portion, he then further split it into four smaller portions. He then gave the first three of those smaller portions to his disciples, instructing them to fill their place of meeting with wonderful music, childcare programs, youth events, and other creative ways of persuading the people to come away from their normal lives and join them in the building.

At last he took the final fourth portion of the final fifth portion and distributed it among the needy. Sadly, it didn’t help very many people.

He then rebuked the multitudes for not bringing more. He explained that he really wanted to do more, but just couldn’t because the true work of God required a very large overhead. He then admonished them to exercise their faith through increased giving and trust that the Father would supply their needs, or else their money would be under a curse.

Take a few minutes to listen. We try to break down some of the traditions and look at what the Bible really says.

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